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Hello and welcome to Winger flight academy. Our academy is absolutely committed to providing the highest quality flight training in a supportive environment. Join us!

100% newest fleet available

We possess the newest fleet that allows you to be trained and then work in the best environment.

New professional simulators

Advanced training makes us going on the leading edge owing to the State-of-the-art equipment.

12,000+ pilots accredited

This fact proves that you'll be at the academy that supplies the world's airlines with the best pilots.

Fully accredited and secure

As a fully accredited flight academy, we have built our name an reputation for over 25 years.

Meet our team

Steven Matthews


Jane Sullivan


Students about the training team

David put me in a tailwheel for a few lessons pre-solo and it really helped me get the feel for the round-out and flare – so much so that the next time I got in a C-172 I was finally able to solo! David is very patient and I always feel safe and well-prepared when flying with him.

Tailwheel Training – Sarah P.

Atlanta, GA

I worked with David to get my instrument rating.  I could not have asked for someone more knowledgeable and insightful.  He has a deep understanding of what is required not only to obtain the rating, but more importantly to fly safely and with confidence.  His calm demeanor and steady personality are all too-lacking in today’s day and age.

Instrument Rating – Joe W.

Atlanta, GA

After 30 years as a pilot, I decided to get my tailwheel endorsement with Next Level Aviation. David is one of the best instructors I’ve had the privilege of flying with. His attention to detail and precision is second to none. He’s a wealth of knowledge teaching little tricks that you won’t learn anywhere else. For example, turning the base you should announce “Gear down” as a reminder to yourself and to anyone on the ground who might hear the radio call and say, “Hey your gear isn’t down.” This is good practice no matter whether you’re in a retractable gear aircraft or not. I could give a hundred other examples like this. The end result is I was able to complete my tailwheel endorsement in record time and I finally feel confident in the aircraft. I look forward to my next lessons with David. Thanks for making this possible.

Tailwheel Endorsement – Shane L.

Atlanta, GA